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Nice Guys Usually Don’t Have Fat Kids May 17, 2007

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I guess the nice guy theme wasn’t just on my mind.

Here’s a snippet of an email that I received on 5-16 from a guy who claims to be an authority on dating.

I don’t really know if he is or not.

And frankly I don’t give a whoot.

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What I do know is that he uses some interesting marketing tactics.

Give it a looksy.


Hey guys,Many guys are under the impression that if they want to get married

or have a long term relationship, they must suddenly become a "nice


It depends, of course, what you mean by "nice guy," but that is

usually the way to sure disaster, both in marriage, or out of

marriage.  Read the email below to discover what it is women really

want in a man.

Jack, answer me this...do you want to get married? or are you out

there for yourself?

I have met some fine ladies with your advice, but also think I have

lost some good ones, because they are not about the moment, but

about the future, and some women, yes even attractive ones, look

for certain qualities in a man that have to do with niceness. ( and

my naughty boy side, has left me hanging in those situations)....I

mean I truly believe some women, just want a "nice guy", a geek

even! to settle with.  What are your opinions on this?  And don't

give me crap, lol, all in good fun, but coming from a once married

perspective, I know that certain women feel that "biological



James F.

JA:  Thanks for the email, James.  I've never been of the belief

that someone who is not married and has no desire to be is out

there for themselves.  They simply recognize when a situation is

not appropriate for them.  Some people are good candidates for

marriage, some not.  The trouble starts when those who are not are

forced into a marriage because they give into the pressure of

society--there is a reason why the divorce rate is sky high.

That being said, while I am not interested in marriage at this very

second of my life, I may certainly be interested in the future when

I've achieved some personal milestones.  I think marriage is a fine

thing, but I think it is something that must be entered into very

carefully, and with great forethought. Few people do this.

I have dated many women who are interested in getting married, and

I was always quite clear to them that while I was not the "one" for

them, I'd always be in their life as a true friend.  The irony is,

I've been in these women's lives longer than their husbands, some

women with multiple husbands.  If you are honest and upfront with

women about your intentions, they will respect you (most guys are


Let's talk about the "nice guy."  It's actually a vague term, one

that leads to a lot of confusion.  When women refer to a man as a

"nice guy," the implication is he's a pushover, someone who won't

stand up to, or for them.  Women want nothing to do with such a man.

What they do want is a man with a strong sense of personal

authority, a well developed fun, playful naughty boy side, a man

who is kind and genuine, and provides them with feeling of

protection and security.  She needs to know you always have her

best interests at heart.  All of these characteristics in total are

important to a woman, and if you've been left hanging, it's

probably because you were a little deficient in one or more of

them.  Keep in mind women do NOT want just a "naughty boy," they

want a man with a naughty boy side.  The distinction is subtle, but


On with the fun... -------------------------



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“The First Of Many Lessons For Marketing Dead Beats” May 15, 2007

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I’ve got a marketing blog…so I guess I better put something on it.

How about this.

Your marketing strategy wont work.

And how do I know?

Because you’re emotionally involved.

You bitch and moan when someone has something bad to say about you.

Who cares.

Get over it.

But you say that peoples opininons of you really matter…

That’s funny…

Ever notice how the people who have the biggest crowd of losers complaining about how mean they are also are some of the wealthiest.

I bet you didn’t though…

Because there’s another nascar race coming in five minutes and don’t want to mis that now do you?

You don’t make big money by playing mr. nice guy.

The biggest collection of nice guys can usually be found at or near the bottom in any category.

Listen up…

You think you’re owed a living because you’re nice?


See you at the bottom.

Nowhere does it say that nice people are supposed to make big money.

In fact…while you were eating your bowl of fruit loops…

I was making money by not being nice.

I was studying human nature.

And you know what.

Nowhere does it say that in our dna that the quality of your life will be determined by how nice you are.

Notice I said DNA…for all of you bible freaks out there.

Our DNA…holds the secrets to keeping us alive.

And living a comfortable life by playing the role of mr nice guy is not wired in there.

What is wired in your DNA…is survival instincts.

Ever heard of survival of the fittest?

It’s hard wired inside of you.

But instead of using it to build a empire you hide it.

Because society says play nice and you will win all while figuring out how to fleece you of your savings.

Say the name Donald Trump and watch all the nasty expressions that pop up on peoples faces.

Here is a guy that doesn’t hold back.

Hell, the tag line for his show is…”You’re Fired”

So if the world is supposed to play nice and cater to you if you follow along…

Then explain how the Donald Trumps, the Rush Limbaugh’s and the O’Reilly’s of the world continue to make money hand over foot.

They can have a few fuck ups..and they will make even more money.

But you…while playing nice…get hammered for your slightest slip up.

You don’t have to take my word for it..try it yourself.

Become an asshole and watch how many people start to cater to you.

I know this for a fact because I was that nice guy.

And the freaking world passed me by.

I held my tongue to play the role.

But that wasn’t me.

I’d be fuming inside….but don’t want to step on any toes.

Until I found that quite a few fortunes are made by people who can unleash that other side of them on the public.

Does that mean I’m an asshole 24 – 7 ?


I can spare the occasional squirrel who wonders in front of my  truck.

But I wouldn’t bet on that.


Losers lesson:

People… although they won’t admit it – are drawn to people who speak out and say the things that they would like to but can’t because of peer pressure.

Oh yeah..peer pressure doesn’t end in high school.

And if you operate your marketing strategies using your emotions then it’s losers row for you.

I’m glad I figured out that nice guys don’t have big houses, or fancy cars before it was too late.

The only question is….

What about you?

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

Your Brand Sucks…But wait…There’s More… April 21, 2007

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Hey, want to hear something really funny…

The other day I was checking out some auto racing on the speed channel when this commercial came on for Hyundai.

It’s as if these dumbo’s don’t have a clue about marketing or advertising.

They try to get you to believe that buying a Hyundai can be just as fun as say buying a BMW, Landrover Or Lexus.

Ha, Ha, Ha….

They just don’t get it.

Hyundai has a perception problem…

Hyundai isn’t known for building cars that can compete with the luxury brands.

Mention the word Hyundai and people will think back to those little four door pieces of shit they use to pass off as cars.

Has the quality improved since the 80’s?


But that doesn’t matter…because the position they cemented in peoples head was low quality.

Fast forward to 2007 and now they want you to believe that they have improved so much that they can take on the people who have been building quality cars since day one.

That’s real funny…

The prescription for Hyundai is simple.

Here’s what a maverick marketer would do.

Create a quality car and ditch the name Hyundai. It has bad memories attached to it.

Remember this…marketing is about perceptions…not reality…

Hyundai needs a new brand that’s off by itself with no mentioning of the parent company.

Then they can build a position in the minds of their intended customers.

That’s all for now.



Hypnotic Mind Control…. March 25, 2007

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How much do you know about how the human mind works?

Very little you say.

Well, grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn a new mind control technique today.


Let’s roll.

Master marketers know a little something about how your brain works and they use that knowledge as a tool to control what you do.

Don’t think so?

Answer me this.

When was the last time you heard someone talk about about something you were really interested in only to suddenly switch directions before they revealed the information to you?


They gotcha.

You see this all the time on the news.

You see it in magazines when they give you the blurb on the cover to hook you… and then make you search for the content page so that you will know where to go to read the article. Also notice how that article you are looking for always seems to be toward the rear of the magazine.

That’s on purpose.

Why not run you through a couple of more ads while they have your attention.

God bless’em

They know how your brain works and use that information to their full advantage.

And so should you.

This next part is important so pay close attention.

Master marketers know that we’re naturally curious.

That we have an inborn desire to know wired into our brains.

It’s instinctive, part of our survival program.

They also know that we can’t stand having incomplete thoughts.

Espn will show you scattered pictures of the top nascar drivers with a headline like…”Find out which nascar driver had a firey crash and had to be rushed to the emergency room”

If your a fan of nascar then you will stick around to see.


Because they have just triggered your natural curiousity…but only just a little.

Yet when they return from the break, that’s not the next story.

That would be to easy…and they would loose your rating point.

They’ll then hit you with some news from the nba game that went down to the wire.

How come?

Because they know that as long as you have that incomplete thought you will stick around so that you can find closure.

How nice of them to play with your mind like that…

Learn this…

If you give a person information about something that they have emotionally invested in..then you can get them to do what you want if you show them a small piece of the pie you have to offer and promise to give them the rest shortly.

Marketing physics…

And I’m your physics teacher.

Learn what I just taught you.

Put it to work and come back to say thanks every once in awhile..I don’t bite.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


The Marketing Code That Even Da Vinci Would Be Proud Of March 24, 2007

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What you give away you get to keep!

Remember that statement.


Because it holds marketing truth in it.

What you give away…you always..always… get to keep.

How many free reports have you given away to your readers without expecting anything in return?

“Here you go buddy, this one’s on me”

“Thanks Mr. Hazel”

“No, just call me Jimmy”

How many free mini-course’s have you given away just because you could?

“Hey, go here to get a free mini course that will show you how to solve that problem. Leave your credit card at home.”

How novel is that?

How hip is that?

Nobody does that.

What you’re learning here is how to become a maverick marketer.

You put up a website and you share…don’t sell..and people opt ino your list.

You drown them in useful content…and they go run and tell their friend suzy about the great site they just found. Suzy thanks her for helping her get her life back on track.

Meanwhile your off helping the newbie see how to market like a pro.

And then guess what?

You email box is filled with messages thanking you for a new sale.

But you say that you didn’t do anyting special.


Yes my dear friend you did.

You tapped into the hidden code that turns simple men into great leaders.

Give freely of yourself and you will be rewarded greatly.

***I created opt in list secrets

***I created the maverick marketer

***I created info profit share

They’re all free.

I stack the deck in my favor.


So that you will see for yourself that what I have to offer is useful to you.

And you will decide to buy any products that I recommend.

There’s no pressure.

And even if you don’t buy anything you still walk away from the table better off than when you first arrived.

Can you say the same?

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


How To Do The “Money Tango” With Your Customers March 24, 2007

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Want to know how to sell a shitload of products?

Then stop trying to sell to people.

Believe me, nobody want’s to hear your latest and greatest sales pitch.

***They’re to busy listening to their ipods.

***They’re to busy voting for the next american idol.

***They’re to busy trying to figure out who’s going to get voted off the next episode of survivor.

Nobody want’s to be sold.

Nor do they want to feel like they’re being sold to either.

But yet… here you go pitching and promoting.

“Rah, rah rah…by my product”

“Rah, rah, rah…you can become a millionaire overnight”

Geesh…no wonder your last months sales started and ended with zero’s.

Here’s a thought.

Try romancing your customers.

Remember when you were trying to win the attention of that gorgeous lady you saw on the train…ladies you can substitute you favorite male here…

But do you remember what the process was like.

I bet that you didn’t just go up and ask for a date..

How come?

Because the little genius in you told you that would be stupid. She doesn’t even know you so why would she say yes to your question.

So what did you do to get her attention?

You probably made sure that there was interest in you from her by first making eye contact.

Then once that was done you started off with an approach…an easy conversation.

And so on and so on….

The point here is that you took your time to get her name and number. And from there you moved on to dating.

Then how come you’re rushing the sale with your potential customers?

Why not provide them with useful information.

Romance them.

Let them see you as the one they want to do the money tango with.

The important thing to remember is that you want them to be the one who decides that you are the one for them.

When they do that, then they will decide to buy from you on their own terms.

And they’ll love you for that.

But anything less than this romance will result in a cold shoulder.

And who wants that?

I know I don’t.

I like making money.

But I always reverse the sale.


Because selling sucks!

That’s all for now

Keir Smith


The Maverick Marketer Has Spoken… March 22, 2007

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When you sent out your last email message…did you get your readers full attention?

Maybe you did.. maybe you didn’t.

How would you know for sure?

The easiest way for you to know is by making sure you test and track everything you do.

Your autoresponder should be able to tell you the open rates, subscribe rates, and even your sales you’ve made from your email messages.

When I send out a message I can easily tell if I was able to get my readers attention.


Because I’m a stat fanatic. I’m always checking the results from my campaign to see where and what I can improve on.

Oh, and by the way…don’t even bother trying to build a business online if you can’t stand rejection.

I’ve created campaigns that flat out bombed from a sales standpoint, but still held a clue as to what would still work once I made a few adjustments.

Pop Quiz.

Do you think the Yanik Silver’s and Jimmy D. Brown’s of the marketing world had every campaign become a rip roaring success?

I think not.

But what seperates the newbie from the guru is his relentless pursuit of success.

The word failure doesn’t seem to exist in their minds.

The guru experiences setbacks of course..but laugh’s in the face of failure.

And so should you. Or dare I say that you will after you’ve continued to read this blog 🙂

(go here and check out this autoresponder. Don’t sign up, just compare it with the one you are currently using and see how it stacks up. )

Now for a recommendation.

Here is a site that you should bookmark immediately after reading this post.



Because you will learn the effective rules for engaging your customer.

But wait, you’re already an expert on that right?

Don’t be silly…a maverick marketer knows that there is always something new to learn. A maverick marketer is never satisfied. Visit the site, pick up a few new tricks and put them to use.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith